The easy to use app for locating your friends
What is it?


MeetUpWithMe is an Android app designed for meeting up with your friends in busy locations.

The Problem

How many times have you tried to meet up with friends in a crowded area, based off of loud phone calls with lots of background noise and vague text message clues? Our app solves this problem with an all in one way to meet up with your friends.

The Solution

MeetUpWithMe features meet-up creation, where you invite your contacts who have also downloaded the app to a meetup session. You and your friends appear on a live updating map, with markers indicating location. You can also drag around an approximate target location marker, as well as take pictures along the way for visual updates on your current surroundings.

What's Next?

After a complete code refactor and some small feature auditions and touch-ups, MeetUpWithMe will be ready for a full release.



Live-updating locations

Take a picture!

Give your friends an idea of your surroundings

Extra Features

View all images and add your contacts to the meet-up


  • Freshman Year

    Our Humble Beginnings

    The team that created this app - Zack, Nat and Sanders - first met freshman year at Northeastern University.

  • Sophomore Year

    HackBeanpot 2013

    During the spring semester of sophomore year, we attended HackBeanpot 2013. It was our first time coding as a trio, and the team dynamic led us to winning a great sponsor prize.

  • Junior Year

    HackMIT 2014

    MeetUpWithMe was created for HackMIT 2014. It was an ambitious effort by our team, as we were all inexperienced Java programmers with no Android development experience. We were able to place in the Top 16 out of 250+ teams.

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